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Axiom Case Study

Global footwear brand steps up legal expertise

Life is Good

Picture this … you’re a giant in the footwear and apparel, and sports industry, with a massive global footprint and yearly revenue exceeding $30 billion. You’re a household name and a cultural icon.

Big Challenge

But, your sheer size and international presence means you aren’t as nimble as you’d like to be, especially regarding legal needs. You’ve recently established a global contracting office to oversee all transactional legal work, but you need help with the workload so that your in-house teams can focus on more strategic matters. You have a legal processing vendor that handles basic NDAs, but you need more expertise in specific areas of the law.

Help Arrives

So, you turn to Axiom. You let us know that you need assistance, and you need it fast – and you don’t have time for training. We send you a seasoned legal pro with decades of experience working with publicly traded corporations like yours. She quickly and skillfully handles your filings, freeing up your in-house bandwidth and reducing expenses.


Life is Even Better

Your annual SEC filings are no longer an annual problem. You have ongoing, flexible support; your legal team has the breathing room to concentrate on their primary workload; and your budget has nearly $150,000 in cost savings. It’s a beautiful solution.  

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