Information Technology

Axiom’s Information Technology team is responsible for providing our 2000-person strong global computing community with a secure, effective, available, responsive and sustainable computing environment. Team-members are encouraged to think outside the box and to brainstorm solutions for problems before they arise.

Axiom is looking for a range of candidates across a range of different levels and locations. Successful applicants must:

  • Quickly master the complexities and nuances of diverse computing environments and technologies in support of business process outsourcing relationships where Axiom must integrate itself within our customers’ computing ecosystem.
  • Possess a strong desire to provide exceptional in-person and remote support to our user base across our offices.
  • Be driven to learn new technologies and keep abreast of the latest technological advances.
  • Be a fit for our core values: Fresh, Thoughtful, Committed and Irresistible.
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