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January 29, 2015

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  • Connecting the Dots in Corporate Compliance: Among the key compliance challenges facing companies are proving a program's effectiveness and connecting it with risk assessment, training and audit functions. (CC, 1.28)



  • DLA Explores New Revenue Streams through CyberTrak: The firm announced the launch of a subscription-based online platform that allows multinational companies to access information regarding cybersecurity laws for the countries in which they operate. (AL, 1.27)



  • Dentons, Dacheng Deal Sets Legal Industry Abuzz: While law firm leaders and legal observers marvel at the scope and scale of the tie-up between Dentons and China's Dacheng to create the world's largest firm, several also wonder how the two sides will pull off such a massive undertaking, and whether it will ultimately be successful. (AL, 1.22)


  • Law Firm Leader Confidence Improves Again in 4th Quarter: The latest survey by Citi Private Bank Law Watch finds law firm leaders' confidence in the legal industry improved again in the fourth quarter of 2014, in large part because of increased optimism in the economy and in business conditions. (AL, 1.22)


  • Fried Frank Chair Discusses Asia Exit: Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver & Jacobson chair David Greenwald says the firm's decision to effectively close its Hong Kong and Shanghai offices and pull out of Asia, as revealed by The American Lawyer on Monday, was a "difficult but necessary decision." (AL, 1.22)







Corp Counsel

  • Wells Fargo Adds Senior Lawyers: Wells Fargo recently snagged two former Bank of America Corp. high-ranking lawyers to fill openings in its litigation and workout division. (WSJ, 1.29)


Law Firms/Lawyers

  • Foreign Law Firms Face Pressure in China: For foreign lawyers looking for work in China, scrutiny from regulators over possible mergers and culture clashes between Eastern and Western firms create hurdles. (WSJ, 1.27)







Employment Law/On Demand Workforce

  • On-Demand Workers: ‘We Are Not Robots’: Companies that rely on freelance labor describe their workers as micro-entrepreneurs. But lawsuits, protests and forums suggest that many flexible laborers feel less enthusiastic about the new work model. (WSJ, 1.28)



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